8:00a  Low Mass

9:30a  Holy Penance (Confession)

9:45a  Choir Rehearsal, Adult Devotional Bible Study

10:30a Sung Mass

11:30a Sunday School (children leave Mass after Eucharist)

1:00p   Sudanese Dinka Mass

Coffee Hour follows both Masses upstairs in Banner Hall.

WeekDays & Saturday

Monday       8:00a Low Mass, Rite I

Tuesday       9:00a Low Mass, 1928 Rite

Wednesday  10:30a Low Mass, Rite I

Thursday     6:15p Contemplative Low Mass, Rite II

Friday         8:00a Low Mass, 1928 Rite


9:00a Low Mass, Rite I (Coffee Hour follows)

9:30a Holy Penance (Confession)

10:00a Altar Guild

12:00p Burmese English, Sewing and Cooking Classes

special liturgies

First Thursday of the Month: Holy Unction at the 6:15p Mass

Fridays During Lent: Stations of the Cross & Benediction at 7:00p

Last Sunday in May: Remembrance of Pets and Animals at 4:00p

First Sunday in October: Pet Blessing at 4:00p

Last Sunday in October: Harvest Festival, both Masses

Quarterly Saturdays: Our Lady of Walshingham Days with Rosary and Sprinking at the 9:00a Mass